⬆️Update Process

There are two types of updates that can be released within this asset, and it's good to know how to properly update your project without breaking anything.

Minor / Patch Update

This type of update should not break anything in your project, because this update usually consists of bug fixes or some additions and you are free to update the UHFPS in your project.

Major Update

This type of update usually consists of many changes that can break your project, and updating your current UHFPS version directly to the major update version is not the right thing to do. This update may consist of script name changes, folder name changes, asset removals, etc., which may vary from version to version.

Steps for upgrading to Major Update:

  1. Back up your project.

  2. Open an empty scene.

  3. Remove the UHFPS folder from the project.

  4. Import the new version of UHFPS into the project.

  5. Restart Unity.

In some cases, if you encounter errors after upgrading to the latest version of UHFPS, you may need to delete the project library folder to clear the project cache. The library can be found at Project Root -> Library.

The major update may also include changes to the player and game manager prefabs, so it is recommended to remove HEROPLAYER and GAMEMANAGER from the scenes and setup the scene up again from the Tools menu.

If you still have any script errors after following the above steps, you can always contact me on my Discord server.

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