If you have any asset issues or suggestions, please feel free to reach me out

When writing the issue, try to describe it in detail, for example what version of asset and unity you are using, when the issue occurs, a detailed screenshot of the console error, or if you can, a short video describing your issue.

Where you can ask for help

Primarily, you should seek assistance on the official ThunderWire Studio Discord server. In exceptional cases, feel free to contact me via email.

Once you join the official Discord server, you'll be required to verify your purchase using a bot that will assign you a role with which you'll be able to see the support channels. Detailed instructions on using the bot can be found in the #become-verified✅ channel.


📩 Support/Business Email


Please be aware that responses to support inquiries may take a few days. Typically, I respond to support inquiries within 1 - 2 days, unless your issue has already been addressed. On Discord, you'll find a community of helpful individuals who may be able to assist with your problem even before I have a chance to see your message.

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