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Current Version: 1.2 (22.10.2023)

UHFPS - Major Update v1.2 (22.10.2023)

  • Added new three Demo Scenes
  • Added new smooth Movement Type
  • Added Player Fall Damage
  • Added Narration/Speak System
  • Added Inventory Crafting
  • Added Items Auto Shortcut
  • Added Camera External Motions
  • Added Pocket Knife Melee
  • Added Axe Melee
  • Added Safe Lock Puzzle
  • Added Pressure Plate
  • Added Elevator System
  • Added Glare POI Effect
  • Added Raindrop Screen Effect
  • Added Raining VFX
  • Added Gunpowder, Scrap Model
  • Added Guide Papers
  • Added new Paper Models
  • Added new Bullet/Melee Impacts
  • Added new Sounds
  • Added HierarchyDecorator
  • Improved Game UI
  • Improved Player State Machine
  • Improved Player Cutscene
  • Improved Inventory System
  • Improved Motion Controller
  • Improved Cutscene Trigger
  • Improved Objectives Asset
  • Improved Surface Asset
  • Improved Inventory Database
  • Removed Knife Player Item
  • Fixed issue with incorrect valve rotation event
  • Fixed issue with player collisions on drawers
  • Fixed issue with player item sounds after enabling player object
  • Fixed issue with incorrect rotation of electric circuit puzzle components
  • Fixed issue with having items in inventory after selecting new game
  • Fixed issue with stacking multiple items in inventory
  • Fixed issue with look glitch after interacting with ladders
  • Fixed issue with displaying the wrong key after rebind in the UI
  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to interact with movable object
  • Fixed incorrect display of ammo quantity for pistol
UHFPS - Patch v.1.1c (16.8.2023)
  • Added Rigidbody Parenter component to help parent objects to drawers, etc.
  • Added a Switcher Light component that allows multiple lights and emissions to be turned on.
  • Fixed a small inventory stacking issue where the stack was sometimes not being created.
  • Fixed an issue with the camera zoom sound still playing even when the zoom was finished.
  • Fixed an issue where dragged items could not be rotated when the Drag Type option was set to Fixed Velocity.
  • Fixed an issue with Draggable Item sliding sound not being played.
  • Fixed an issue with a Draggable Item being parented to the wrong parent.
UHFPS - Patch v.1.1b (9.8.2023)
  • The inspector header in the base scripts now includes a link to the documentation.
  • Added a player gizmos mesh which should help to get a better overview of where the player is on the scene.
  • Added Items Storage component to store items in boxes, drawers, etc.
  • Added night vision camera toggle, when enabled it drains the battery faster.
  • Updated inventory space management, it is now possible to expand a certain amount of slots instead of rows.
  • Changed the design of the Inspector Header.
  • Changed SaveGameManager ConstantSaveables -> WorldSaveables.
  • Changed ManagerModules from ScriptableObject -> SerializedReference.
  • Fixed an issue where the container title was not displayed in the inventory.
  • Fixed an issue with the SavesUILoader script showing an index out of bounds error in the main menu when there were no saved games.
  • Fixed an issue with the pistol flashlight attachment not showing up after moving to a different scene.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an error to appear when removing a screen effect from the effects list.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to equip/unequip player items while solving puzzles.
  • Fixed an issue with inventory container items that could not be able to move to a specific slot.
  • Fixed ItemGuid and ItemProperty item linking in arrays.
UHFPS - Patch v.1.1a (31.7.2023)
  • Moved base kit render features to a single render feature
  • Fixed an issue that prevented combining some items in the inventory
  • Fixed an issue that displayed an error after saving a new inventory item after a combination
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to take a examined object from the inventory and increase the count of items
  • Fixed an issue where the continue button was not displayed in the Main Menu
  • Fixed missing references to objects in the Main Menu UI
UHFPS - Major Update v.1.1 (25.7.2023)
  • Updated to LTS Unity 2022.3.0
  • Added new Jumpscare Triggers
  • Added new Procedural Motions
  • Added Options Menu UI
  • Added Controllable CCTV Cameras
  • Added Timed Interact Event
  • Added Health Inventory Items
  • Added Key Inventory Items
  • Added Trigger Hint Message
  • Added Autosave Trigger
  • Added Look At Target Function
  • Added Dynamic Object Locked Motion
  • Added Dynamic Object Locked Text
  • Added Lockpicks Count Text
  • Added Audio Channels to Camcorder
  • Added new UI and Controls Font
  • Added new Fullscreen Blit Effects
  • Added Animation Play Event
  • Added light smooth state change
  • Added Emerald AI 3.0 Integration
  • Redesigned Damage Effect
  • Redesigned Help Controls UI
  • Redesigned Inventory UI
  • Redesigned Interaction UI
  • Redesigned Objectives UI
  • Redesigned Camcorder Overlay
  • Fixed zombie health bug when loading from save
  • Fixed dynamic object locked sounds not playing issue
UHFPS - Patch v.1.0.1 (23.5.2023)
  • Updated to Unity 2022.2.20f1
  • Added Unbreakable Bobby Pin option to Lockpick Puzzle
  • Added new Dual Kawase Blur Effect
  • Added Animated Door Prefab
  • Added PostProcessing Effects
  • Fixed issue where it was not able to save a game with multiple same runtime saveables
  • Fixed issue where you were able to fire from a gun while holding an object
  • Fixed issue where the previous scene persistency tried to load a deleted save
  • Fixed issue with loading expanded inventory slots
  • Fixed issue with the Screenshot Feature when using Unity 2022

🎉 First Release v1.0 (15.5.2023)