We strongly advise that when you plan to import an asset into your project, it is best to do so within a new, empty project environment.

By taking this approach, you can minimize the risk of potential conflicts or compatibility issues that may arise when integrating the asset with existing project elements. This also allows you to thoroughly evaluate the asset's functionality, performance, and overall suitability for your needs before incorporating it into your main project. Once you are confident in the asset's performance and compatibility, you can then proceed to merge it with your primary project, ensuring a smoother integration process.

Project Requirements

  • Unity Version: 2022.x or newer

  • Universal Render Pipeline

Required Packages

HDRP Support

The project is not currently supported for HDRP and may cause some problems when you try to convert it to HDRP. The main issue will be shaders, since UHFPS uses its custom fullscreen shaders, you will need to find an alternative way or try to convert the shaders to be HDRP compatible.

OptionsManager uses the UniversalRenderPipelineAsset component to change the URP preferences in some of the Graphics Settings. You can convert this to use HDRenderPipelineAsset and its preferences instead, or remove the usability of the graphic settings used by this component.

Graphics Settings: Render Scale, FSR Sharpness, Antialiasing, Shadow Distance

There may be HDRP support for UHFPS in the future, but it is not a priority for now.

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