Adding New Objectives

  1. Select or create a new Objectives asset. In the desired folder, right-click and select Create -> UHFPS -> Game -> Objectives Asset.

  2. Add a new objective to the Objectives list. Each objective consists of sub-objectives, so make sure to add a new sub-objectives into the Sub Objectives list.

You can specify how many times the objective must be completed by setting the Complete Count.

To display the objective complete count progress, add the [count] selector to the sub-objective text.

  1. Assign the objectives asset to the Objective Manager component, which can be found in the GAMEMANAGER.

  1. To trigger an objective, add an Objective Trigger component to the corresponding object. You can activate the objective via the Trigger, Interact, or Event.

  1. To assign an objective, click on the link icon located on the right side of the objective block.

You can assign multiple sub-objectives from the same base objective, that will be activated.

  1. To activate an objective via an event, set the Trigger Type to Event. Then, simply call the TriggerObjective() method to activate the objective. You can call this method, for example, by adding the On Take Event when picking up an object.

Another option is to set the Trigger Type to Interact along with an Interactable Item added to the object. In this case, both components will be interacted with.

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